Whilst being owned and operated from the UK, ​FORMYANMAR​ ​ is a diverse marketplace that caters to any and all clients in the greater Myanmar region. FORMYANMAR​ ​provides customers with a safe and diverse marketplace to find the perfect items, products, accessories for the needs. When it comes to clothing, FORMYANMAR features almost any and all products you can think of. Outdoor, hiking, summer, skiing, swimming- you name it. Not only do we have the clothes but also the gear to fit any occasion. With a wide and comprehensive selection of bikes and accessories, our all inclusive online shop can deliver on nearly any front.

Our team of dedicated staffers ensures the integrity of both the products as well as the vendors by allowing only the highest rated suppliers from both the US and UK. Each and every merchant is scrutinized and only granted passage onto our market if they achieve a 4 out of 5 rating on global markets. Thus quality and customer satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed when utilizing our services and no other retailer can come close to boasting such an expedient and satisfactory experience.

FORMYANMAR boasts an option for shoppers to secure the product they desire even if it is out of stock by working with vendors to provide a down payment of a percentage of the full product price and the option to pay the remainder at a later period. Thus shoppers can guarantee the right to their favorite products no matter the availability.

Currency Backing

While we only accept currency that is Myanmar Kyats, we guarantee the safe and secure passage of your cash by using the local bank tracing system to prevent fraud and ensure your success in purchasing. We want our shoppers to not only feel safe but be encouraged to use our platform as opposed to others when it comes to financial security. With a logistical system of checks and balances to reinforce every transaction, you can be guaranteed that every transaction is your own and that no purchase will be lost or adulterated.

Provider Selection Process

Suppliers on ​FORMYANMAR​ are curated through a sophisticated rating system to nominate select suppliers and optimize the procurement of quality goods, whilst at the same time, maintaining the comprehensive inclusion of a variety of product categories.

Through our in depth and thorough quality control protocols, all products are certified to be genuine and satisfactory. ​FORMYANMAR​ strictly follows five steps of CITST quality control, namely:

Thus ensuring all products satisfy a consistent quality standard and never fall short of client expectations. .